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Početna Hardware Periferija Gaming dodaci Stalak za slušalice ASUS ROG THRONE

Stalak za slušalice ASUS ROG THRONE

ROG Throne RGB External Soundcard with 7.1 surround sound and Headset Stand, dual USB 3.1 ports and Aura Sync • Customizable 18 RGB lighting zones, and sync-able with other Aura Sync products • Build-in ESS DAC and AMP deliver stunning music and immersive gaming audio • Support 2 USB 3.1 ports to charge devices or connect to your gaming gears • Armoury II software offers extensive audio and light controls for your gaming experience • Optimized arc design of top hanger stables and protects your headset from shaking


ROG ROG THRONE, Nosač za slušalice s eksternom zvučnom karticom koja podržava 7,1 surround zvuk, dual USB 3,1 utorima i Aura Sync.

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892,86 kn (118,50 €)

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